This was going to get ugly at some point. For months, the tension between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees has bubbled. The Yankees feel like they got ripped off by a steroid cheat and want to rid themselves of him while recouping some of their money. A-Rod desires nothing more than to stick it to the organization he feels turned its back on him. 

For it to blow up like this, though? With Brian Cashman taking a page out of George Steinbrenner's book and telling A-Rod to "shut the [expletive] up" because of what seemed like an innocent post on Twitter? Well, that escalated quickly. Cash killed A-Rod with a trident.

Here's the thing: This is exactly the sort of drama Rodriguez invited – and perhaps intended – when he opened his Twitter account three weeks ago to track the progress of his rehabilitation. Between the embarrassment of A-Rod's link to the Biogenesis case and his performance down the stretch last season, the Yankees hoped against hope his surgically repaired hip would fail, he would be compelled to retire and they would collect most of the $100 million remaining on his contract from the dozen-plus insurance policies taken out against him. The last thing he wanted was the Yankees playing him for the fool.

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