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Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is teaming up with Norah Jones to remake a vintage country-folk album.  They're giving new life to the Everly Brothers' second studio effort, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, and they've posted the song "Long Time Gone" on the website

The Everly Brothers' 1958 release features the sibling duo's renditions of traditional folk and country songs. 

Armstrong tells he discovered the disc a couple of years ago, and "thought it was just beautiful."  He says he decided to remake the album because it's "sort of an obscure thing" he felt "more people should know about." 

But Billie Joe adds that he didn't want to reproduce the pairing and record it with another man, but thought it would give the disc "a different meaning" if he sang with a woman.  Armstrong credits his wife with suggesting he tap Norah as his partner - even though they didn't know each other. 

Billie Joe says when he called Jones to pitch the idea, it was "kinda like a blind date." 

Armstrong and Jones have titled their version of the album Foreverly, which will be in stores November 25th.