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Carnival Ride Left Woman Feeling Permanently Drunk

Carnival Ride Left Woman Feeling Permanently Drunk
Posted August 11th, 2014 @ 10:57am by Jenn Gidman, Newser Staff

(NEWSER) – Most people expect to get a little dizzy while careening through the air on a high-speed, rotating carnival ride. But for 26-year-old Bobbie Lane, that dizziness turned permanent after she took a spin on the Superbowl at a UK festival last summer, reports SWNS. Lane says after she got off the ride, she was "still a bit dizzy," but she figured it was just a temporary reaction to the ride and a day of "fun in the sun." But the dizziness didn't disappear, causing Lane to feel "like I was permanently at sea," she tells SWNS.

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