Wanna Get Some Tonight? Here Are Some Words You Probably Shouldn't Use.

So you wanna set the mood. You got the Marvin Gaye on your iPhone. You got flowers. Fresh sheets on the bed. But 1st got gotta get here there. And if you use any of these words, there's a pretty good chance it ain't gonna happen.

A new survey found the words for sex that people rated as the biggest turn-offs. 

"Fornicate" came in first with 29% of people saying they hate that word.

Followed by...

F*ck    26%

Smash 24%

Hump 23%

Pound 23%

Bang 23%

Shag 23%

Screw 23%

Hit a home run 22%

Copulate    22%

Listener's terms that weren't on the list: Plow, Coitus, Bone

Read the full story here .

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