'Man Slapping' Is A Sport In Russia


So first off, you should never slap anyone, man or woman. But you really should slap another dude. It’s…just…weird. That is, unless you are competing in the annual "Man Slapping" championship. It was held in Siberia last weekend and it is a serious competition. Well, at least as serious as slapping another man can be.

Here’s how it works. Men line up on opposite sides of a podium and take turns slapping each other in the face. This goes on until one of them gives up or gets knocked out. By the way, blocking and ducking are not allowed.

The winner, Vasily Kamotsky, received 30,000 rubles ($466.46) for winning the tournament and of course bragging rights, because who wouldn’t want to brag about being the best slapper in all of Russia?

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