‘Adulting’ is hard. Fortunately, there’s a school for it now.

Adulting is hard.

Adult stuff -- like changing a tire, filing taxes or folding a fitted sheet -- can be a real struggle for the uninitiated.

There are plenty of books and blogs on adulting, which Urban Dictionary defines as anything from paying rent to having a job to cooking dinner. 

And now, there's The Adulting School.

"I think we've all heard or said, 'Why don't they teach us that in school?'" The Adulting School co-founder Rachel Weinstein told Circa.

Honestly, yes. Why is that?

"Whether it's schools' budgets being cut and not having home ec anymore, those basics" are being offered less and less, co-founder Katie Brunnell said. "We're picking up where you're an adult and you have gaps in your practical life skill knowledge, and we're going to provide that."

The Portland, Maine-based startup bills itself as a community to help people become successful adults. It launched in 2016 with live events (read: happy hour-disguised workshops) on topics like finance, relationships health and DIY. 

There are companies that help with things like buying renters' insurance or a car.

The Adulting School brings many of the issues young people face to one place. And it's been such a hit that online sessions are now being offered for $19.99 a month. (Live events typically cost $10.)

A therapist by trade, Weinstein said the idea for The Adulting School came from conversations with clients in which she noticed many were missing life skills that, in turn, hurt their self-esteem. She began working on a summit and reached out to Brunnell -- who works in education -- for help. Together they turned it into a "real thing."

(Source: WSET.com)

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