One in eight of us cannot ride a bike

One in eight adults still do not know how to ride a bike, while the poll of more than 2,000 in the UK found many who do have simply let the habit lapse. The average person has not put foot to pedal for nine years, with fewer than two-thirds of households owning a bicycle.

Most surprisingly this appears to disprove the old adage that you never forget how to do it, with 10 per cent adding that it had been so long since their last bicycle ride, they would not know how to cycle.

Elizabeth Tack, the heart charity's event leader for the London to Brighton Bike Ride in June, said: 'It's surprising to learn that whilst there is a clear appetite for cycling in the UK, there is still a vast amount of us who are not getting on our bikes often enough, or even at all.

'Cycling is a fantastic way of keeping your heart healthy, which is why we're encouraging everyone to dust off their bikes this year and challenge themselves to take on our London to Brighton Bike Ride to help support our vital research into heart disease.'

Pushing bicycle pedals provides aerobic exercise, which is good for the heart, brain and blood vessels. As a low-impact form of exercise, it is also easier on the joints than jogging.

There is some hope for the lapsed cyclists, as one in eight people surveyed were given a bike at Christmas, with 57 per cent considering a cycling challenge as a way of getting back into it this year. 

(Source: Daily Mail)

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