Quiet Fireworks Are More Satisfying

Happy New Year my friends. I wanted my first act of the new year to be one of intention. Recently I learned that fireworks not only affect dogs and cats, but it can trigger feelings of fight or flight in Veterans who suffer from PTSD as well. Why would I want a person who has fought for the freedoms I enjoy to suffer more? So I tried some “quiet” options last night. Fountain fireworks were the most pleasing and offered a lot of crackle with no “report” or bang or boom.The fountains were from 6 to 15 feet high, and the biggest one called “1776” lasted almost 2 minutes and was its own show complete with a warm up and finale. The crackles were the loudest on the 1776 but never got as loud as a firecracker. All were visually pleasing and nobody felt cheated for not seeing the display in the sky. I didn’t have to worry about catching anyone’s roof on fire, or trees, and although I can’t control what other people choose to do, I am excited to go “quiet fireworks” shopping again. There are explosive visual adventures available that don’t have to wake the dead, or make someone feel like they are back on the battlefield instead of safe at home. Here's to be kinder in 2020, because we know better.

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