Adam 12

Death Star Cornhole Board!

The Classic Nokia "Brick Phone" is Back!

Adam 12

I've lived in Jersey, Buffalo, and now The Triangle. Make your jokes about the first two - I've heard 'em all. The first concert I SAY I was at was Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck at Madison Square Garden. That's so impressive I usually don't need to explain that that was actually my 5th or 6th show. The actual first show was...... well, come see me and I'll tell ya.Met my wife at a Warrant show. We both still think that story's funny, even though it was in '07, not '89. I play drums in a band. We strive to be the loudest bunch of exhibitionists around. Dignity's overrated. The best band of all time is The Who. But that's today. Tomorrow it could be..... well, throw something out there - you may be right.


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