Not sure if you should spend the money to get these same classic albums yet again?  Watch the original Star Trek TV show in HD.  They used the same approach to blow it up: Get rid of every bit of unquestioned interference, and leave the rest alone. 

The results - at least on the CDs of I, II, and III (the rest aren't out yet) - are equal parts astonishing and confounding. 

Take the second album.  When it was recorded, the equipment was being run at Warp Factor 9 the whole time.  They got where they were going, but not without picking up a lot of debris.  And now, more than four decades later, they're trying to remove the debris without taking off any paint.  Where that works, it's spectacular.  You'll hear things on "Whole Lotta Love" you didn't know were there, like the extent to which John Paul Jones micro-bends his bass.  And Robert Plant's vocals on "What Is And What Should Never Be".... pardon the cliche (and the request to pardon it), but your hair will stand on end. 

Especially after those two, I couldn't wait to get to my favorite cut - "Ramble On".  So I did.  Nothing different.  And since most of the rest of the disc does sound different (and better), that's a letdown - one that made me feel kinda bad about myself.  But only briefly, because John Bonham's kick drum on "Moby Dick" has never kicked you in the ear like this. 

If you don't mind a perfect thing not being more perfect all the time, get it.

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