The two most legendary stories about the most legendary drummer in rock - Keith Moon of The Who - never happened.  Still, Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend is nearly 600 pages.

The problem with most biographies - even those about mercurial people - is the early, clue-providing chapters; they're slow compared to the rest of the ride.  Not here.  His parents went through life in a measured - if not timid - way, but he was "Moon The Loon" from the start.  A phenom before his 15th birthday, an international Rock Star before his 20th, a fantastically wealthy musical icon 5 years later, and..... well don't ask me how he managed to live another 7 years.  His intake of booze and drugs should have made him a member of Rock's "27 Club".  The only thing missing from this account are figures on how much - or little - he slept; and given the sheer number of tales told here, Moon lived the equivalent of at least 60 years.     

This'd be a good book to read around the same time you watch "Beware of Mr. Baker" on Netflix.  Ginger Baker of Cream may be The Devil, but Moonie was definitely The Jester.  I think you'll agree after finishing them that it's a shame The Devil survived while The Jester's long gone.