Motorco Music Hall in Durham was packed last night for the “The Box Tour” featuring Eric Roberson and Algebra Blessett.  The audience was very anxious to see two of the best artists of our time.  I’m not the official judge on “real music”, but if I was Eric Roberson and Algebra Blessett would be the definition of it. 

The goddess, Algebra Blessett arrived on stage in a beautiful Grecian inspired dress and braided updo hair style.  Her look was breathtaking. 

A native of Atlanta, GA, Blessett really exudes southern hospitality.  Her show was engaging and honest.  The audience was locked into her words, especially on the song “Writer’s Block.”  The song speaks to not allowing obstacles to prevent you from experiencing life’s blessings.  Blessett truly made an impact and the audience did not want her set to end.

The Eric Roberson Show was high voltage entertainment.  The audience two-stepped and laughed the night away.  Roberson is a powerful singer and songwriter, but after last’s night show I am convinced he could also have a career in comedy.  Watch out Kevin Hart!

Roberson’s performance was very interactive and everyone felt like a part of the show.  Attendees were given the opportunity to write a song with the headliner.  Using the words persnickety, titillate, pork chop, nymphomaniac, diabetes, and conundrum provided by the audience, Roberson began to freestyle.  “She made me feel like a superhero, Like I’ve been eating Wheaties, She has  so much sugar, Now I got diabetes…”  Come to the Eric Roberson Show and you too can be a star.

Roberson performed fan favorites such as “Borrowed You” and “Dealing.”  With the audience singing every word, it was obvious Roberson has loyal fans that have consistently followed his 20 year career.  New single “Mark on Me” from Roberson’s 10th album “The Box” to be released on August 12th, was inspired by the movie Boomerang.  Living in a time where relationships are a daily topic, this track pulls on your heartstrings. 

The Box Tour has seven dates left.  I strongly encourage everyone to attend a show.  Like I said before, both Roberson and Blessett are true artists, who perform real music.  To be completely honest it’s just a feel good show.  I sang, laughed, and danced so much all I could think about at the end of the show was my bed.  That’s my kind of concert!  Thank you, Art of Cool and Motorco Music Hall for hosting the show. 

Don’t forget to purchase “The Box” on August 12th.  In case you missed it, checkout my interview from earlier this month with Roberson here.

Blessett’s album “Recovery” is on sale now.  Click here to purchase on iTunes.   



 Enjoy these snapshots from the concert.

Special thanks to the Natural Queens, The Knight Twins for blessing my camera! 

Created with flickr slideshow.