This past May, I saw a very disturbing article on titled, “There’s some Really Bad News for Black College Graduates.”  The article stated the unemployment rate for recent college graduates is continuing to increase.  There are several factors contributing to this statistic such as economic downturn and racial barriers.

Due to a 33% drop in enrollment from 2010-2013, ElizabethCity State University was faced with the possibility its doors maybe closing.  At the very beginning of summer the Senate approved removing the provision to the bill that could have closed ECSU.

It is statistics such as these that call for intense intervention. Nehemiah Robinson, Jania Massey, Deidra Young, and Meka Harrell have accepted the call to action by hosting the 2014 Trailblazers Charity Ball on August 9th in Charlotte, NC.  The event will honor 100 Trailblazers, African Americans making an impact in their professions and their communities.  Most of the honorees are graduates of Historically Black College and Universities.  They are the proof that with a HBCU education anything is possible.  They represent the thousands of success stories that would not be told, if it were not for events like the Trailblazers Charity Ball.

Robinson, Massey, and Harrell spoke with me about their inspirations for the Trailblazers Charity Ball and how the event will impact HBCUs and the community. 




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