Roger Daltrey Says He Will Release His Memoir Next Year

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The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has confirmed he will released his autobiography next year.

The memoir will be released in August of 2018. Daltrey says he signed a U.S. publishing deal with Henry Holt and Co.

The singer told Rolling Stone that he's been focused on writing a book that's interesting from start to finish.

"It's about getting an angle that carries the reader with you," he said. "You can't do just a series of events. Most of the rock biographies that I've read, I kind of got bored with about halfway to two-thirds of the way through. I hope not to fall into that trap."

The memoir will cover Daltrey's career with The Who, as well as his life away from music and his perspective on how Britain has changed since he was a child.

Daltrey has been working on the book for the past few years, saying publicly that he's been taking his time to ensure it's worth reading.

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend released his own memoir, Who I Am, in 2012. 

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