National Republican Congressional Committee Hacked Prior To 2018 Election

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced that it "was the victim of a cyber intrusion" back in April. The FBI is investigating the hack, but so far the culprits have not been identified. 

“The cybersecurity of the committee’s data is paramount, and upon learning of the intrusion, the NRCC immediately launched an internal investigation and notified the FBI, which is now investigating the matter," NRCC spokesman Ian Prior said. "To protect the integrity of that investigation, the NRCC will offer no further comment on the incident."

According to Politico, the hackers surveilled the emails of four senior aides for months before a vendor noticed the intrusion and alerted the NRCC and its cybersecurity contractor. 

Officials said that none of the emails have been released to the public and many involved in the investigation privately believe that the hacker was a foreign agent. 

Photo: Getty Images

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