Guy Faces 15 Years in Prison for Dipping His Junk in a...

As evident in the spoof video below (from the Louie "Balls" skit on MTV's The State), guys like dipping their think, but usually as a harmless prank. This guy, however, may have taken things a bit too far.

A in Tennessee ordered food from a Mexican restaurant and only tipped the delivery driver 89 cents. With an almost 30-minute round-trip, the driver, Howard Matthew Webb, 31, decided to get back at her by dipping his junk in her salsa before dropping off the order.

What got him busted was the 14-second video he took of the stunt. The video was shown to the local the police department. Clearly, they were not amused.

Unfortunately, the woman who received the food didn't find out about the add-on until after she ate the salsa.

Full story here.



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