Heinz Mayocue And Mayomust Are Coming For All You Mayochup Fans

First Heinz mixed ketchup and mayonnaise into one bottle, Mayochup. Now they are at it again. Mayonnaise haters, it's not your time. Heinz Mayocue, a mix of barbecue sauce and mayo and Mayomust, a blend of mustard and mayo, are coming.

While Heinz has yet to confirm the new condiments, they've both been spotted at grocery stores. Think chicken salad or deviled eggs. In fact, I would think Mayocue would be way more useful than Mayochup, but that’s just me. Really, the possibilities are endless. And the best part, only 1 bottle in the fridge. Mind-blown!

What’s next? Maybe Mayoshire, Mayo and Heinz 57 sauce?

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