Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed After Climate Protesters Storm The Field

The annual Harvard-Yale football game was delayed after a group of climate change protesters stormed the field. As halftime was coming to a close, roughly 150 people ran out of the stands and took over the field. They sat down around the 50-yard line and unveiled a banner that read: "Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice."

Divest Harvard, and Fossil Free Yale organized the protest with students and alumni from both schools. Divest Harvard said on Twitter that their goal was to force both Ivy League schools to divest "from fossil fuels & cancel holdings in Puerto Rican debt."

The players walked off the field while the public address announcer pleaded with the group to return to their seats. As officials tried to regain control, more students poured out of the stands and joined the protest. After about 45 minutes, most of the protesters left the field, and those that remained were told they would be arrested. Authorities did not say if any of the protesters were taken into custody, though they were seen leading people off the field.

Yale was trailing 15-3 when the game resumed, and despite putting up 16 points in the third quarter, still trailed Harvard by a score of 36-19 in the 4th quarter.