Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Misses Last Snap To Take Selfie With Fan

Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions

Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions

The Washington Redskins have not had many reasons to celebrate this year. Going into their week 12 matchup against the Detroit Lions, the Redskins had just one win on the season and had lost their previous nine games at home dating back to 2018.

When the Lions took a three-point lead early in the fourth quarter, it looked like another disappointing home loss for the Redskins. Dwayne Haskins wasn't about to give up and led the team down the field for a game-tying field goal with just under four minutes left. The Redskins would get the ball back with the game still tied, and Haskins drove down the field, setting up a go-ahead, 39-yard field goal by Dustin Hopkins with 16 seconds left.

The Lions would get the ball back, but Lions quarterback Jeff Driskel would throw an interception, icing the 19-16 victory for the Redskins.

Haskins was ecstatic and began to celebrate the hard-fought home victory with some of the fans. What he didn't realize was that there was still time left on the clock, and the Redskins needed to take one more snap before the game was over. While Haskins was taking a selfie with some fans, his coaches were scrambling on the sidelines, trying to find him. Redskins backup Case Keenum was forced to put on his helmet and take a knee to end the game.

After the game was over, Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan told reporters that he would address the issue with Haskins.

"No, I don't laugh at it," Callahan said. "I'm happy we won. We'll address that. I'm just pleased we won the game. I just have to find out."

Haskins told reporters that he didn't realize the Redskins had to go back out onto the field following the interception.

"I was so hyped. I broke a water bottle," Haskins said. "I look up, and we're in victory [formation]. I thought the game was over with already, but I'll get it next time."

Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann blasted Haskins following the game, calling his actions "unprofessional and wrong." The lucky fan who got a selfie with Haskins disagreed, replying to Theismann's tweet with the photo, writing, "OK. Boomer."

Photo: Getty Images