U.S. Attorney Refuses To Step Down After His Resignation Was Announced

Geoffrey Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is refusing to step down after a press release announced he was resigning late Friday (June 19) night. According to CNN, Attorney General Bill Barr went to New York on Friday and asked Berman to resign. He was offered other positions within the Justice Department, but he declined.

Later that night, Barr issued a press release announcing Berman was resigning and that President Donald Trump was nominating Jay Clayton, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, as his replacement. Barr said that until Clayton is confirmed, Craig Carpenito, the United States Attorney in New Jersey, will serve as acting U.S. attorney in New York.

An hour later, Berman issued a statement of his own, refusing to step down.

"I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning my position, to which I was appointed by the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York," he said. "I will step down when a presidentially appointed nominee is confirmed by the Senate. Until then, our investigations will move forward without delay or interruption. I cherish every day that I work with the men and women of this Office to pursue justice without fear or favor — and intend to ensure that this Office's important cases continue unimpeded."

Berman showed up to his office on Saturday morning and told reporters he was there to do his job. 

Photo: Getty Images