This Restaurant Serves The Best Biscuits In North Carolina

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People in the South know a thing or two about biscuits, whether you have a go-to diner that serves them alongside homemade jams and apple butter or you have a recipe that has been passed down for generations that your family swears by.

Cheapism looked at restaurants around the country serving up biscuits to determine which should land in the biscuit hall of fame, compiling a list of the top spot in each state. According to the site:

"From the Pacific Northwest to the South, people revere biscuit recipes, only tweaking them when absolutely necessary. In this big old biscuity world of ours there are just so many options out there."

So which restaurant serves the best biscuits in North Carolina?

Biscuit Head

Asheville's Biscuit Head has plenty of options to try its namesake, from biscuits with your choice of gravy to biscuits filled with everything from country ham and pulled pork to fried chicken and pimento cheese.

Biscuit Head has multiple locations around Asheville as well as one in South Carolina. Find your nearest location by checking out the website.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"Because of the southern dedication to biscuit perfection, it can be hard to find variety in style. Biscuit Head has found a way around this problem by starting from the ground up — it has built an exciting menu around biscuit without having to sacrifice tradition. Mimosa-brined chicken thighs, fried green tomatoes, five style of gravy (the red-eye, with country ham drippings and espresso is not to be missed), a bevy of jams, and jalapeño pimento cheese are perfect decorations for the perfect biscuit."

Check out Cheapism's full list to see all the best biscuits around the country.

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