Naughty But Nice Talks Kate Middleton’s 'Mom Guilt' & More

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

Hear that? It’s the chimes of Big Ben, and that means it’s tea time with Rob Shuter! On his podcast, Naughty But Nice, he gives you all the celebrity gossip you could hope for, but without the mean edge that can make you feel a little guilty about it. Rob’s friend Jonathan Valdez from Orange Juice and Biscuits stops by to co-host this episode as they break down Kate Middleton’s recent interview about motherhood, some Real Housewives of New York news, Amanda Bynes’ Valentine’s Day announcement of her engagement, what Nick Cannon recently said about his marriage to Mariah Carey, whether or not Justin Bieber patronized Billie Eilish, and much more.

On the podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, Duchess Kate said that she “constantly feels guilt and questions her own decisions, her own judgments,” that “it starts the moment you have that baby,” and that “any mom who says they don’t feel ‘mom guilt’ are lying.” She also laughed about Prince William fumbling with the car seat, saying he had actually practiced at home with a doll so he would get it right. Rob points out that Kate doesn’t usually do a lot of press, so what’s making her open up so much now? “I think it’s a directive from the queen,” Jonathan laughs. “‘Go out there and talk about how you’re like everyone else….they’ll love that.’” 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom celebrated their one-year engagement with a picture of the two of them wearing matching sweatshirts. Katy's caption: “One year ago today, I said yes to a lifetime of love and evolution.” Rob thinks “evolution” is an interesting word, and Jonathan compares it to Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” phrase; they also both agree that matching sweatshirts make them suspicious. “When a couple is just a little too perfect, a little too matchy-matchy, it makes you go, hmm,” Rob says, and Jonathan replies, “Yeah – what’s the mess behind the match?” They’re also unsure about the sincerity behind Justin Bieber’s recent comments about wanting to “protect” Billie Eilish as her fame skyrockets; “is this sweet, or is it a little bit patronizing?” Rob says. After all, he’s not her brother, or even at the same record label – why is her career any of his business? He does have a new album coming out, Jonathan points out; is he just doing anything to promote it? “When I start crying about Andy Cohen, you'll know I’m up to exactly the same thing,” Rob laughs. 

Listen to Rob and Jonathan to hear all about Nick Cannon “barely surviving” his marriage to Mariah Carey, why Rob thinks Nick Jonas “isn’t as attractive in person,” and why Rob feels the need to demand that people “Stop peeing on Justin Timberlake!” on this episode of Naughty But Nice.

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