Local Teachers Use 3D Printer to Make New Finger

I was lucky enough to have some of the greatest teachers in my life over the million years I spent in school. These teachers in South Carolina have taken their dedication to an entirely new level though. Over the Christmas break, a few teachers from Hickory Grove-Sharon Elementary did some research and used the school's 3D printer to create a prosthetic finger for an 11 year old student. Let that sink in for a minute. What did you do over Christmas break? I threatened my kids with Jesus and Santa and that was a bust. Meanwhile, two teachers were making a body part to help a kid live a little better. Now, I'm not sure how well the prosthetic is working or how it will hold up over time, but this is incredible and I don't understand why no one is talking about it. Two people, one printer, some time and information and now there's a little girl who can write and play and be a kid almost like she used to. I can't even imagine what we can create in the future.

Chelsea - Woody and Wilcox Show


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