Legendary Producer Eddie Kramer To Tell Life Story In New Book, Podcast

Legendary producer Eddie Kramer has never been shy about sharing anecdotes from his career as one of classic rock's most impactful producers, but now he's ready to put it all out there.

Kramer, who is also renowned for his photography, announced earlier this year that he taking part in a documentary film about his life, From the Other Side of the Glass. He tells Ultimate Classic Rock that he's also working on a memoir of the same name.

For both projects, Kramer says he's going to be as honest as his memory allows.

"You can't just sugarcoat it," he said. "Whether it was something I did or something the band did, or something we did creatively together in the studio, it's got to be in the movie. That's what's going to make it fun. To me, that's the bottom line — if it's not fun, it's not worth doing. And that's the same thing I carry through into the studio: 'Come on, guys, we've got to have fun. This is music, not rocket science.'"

He added that the documentary won't come out until the book is complete, and due to the pandemic, they probably won't begin filming until 2021. Fortunately, rock fans who don't want to wait that long for more content have the new podcast, Kramer Talk, to look forward to.

The producer says his podcast will serve as a way for fans to pose him questions directly.

"There's hundreds of thousands of questions, and I'd like to continue that process of being online and talking to fans and people who loved music," he said. "And I love telling the stories."

Kramer Talk will premiere early this summer, he says.

Photo: Getty Images