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Woody and Wilcox

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The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-31-2023

Woody Game Wednesday 05-31-2023

Don’t Go Insane in the Membranes; Just Tell Me This Person That Loves Model Trains!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-30-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Coopers Hill cheese race winner knocked unconscious; Students put school up for sale on Zillow; Whoopi Goldberg discusses the downfall of society; Carnival cruise ship battered by storms while trying to dock in Charleston; Themed cruises; People are putting their credit scores on their dating profiles; SalesReceiptsStore.com; Woody used an ATM for the first time in years and had to pay cash at a parking lot; John Mellencamp yells at the audience again; New study by Trojan: men who bring condoms to funerals; Pedro Pascal will no longer let fans put their thumbs in his eye; And so much more!

The Woody & Wilcox SHow for 5-26

Cool Beans left the show early so if this is screwed up, then you KNOW who to blame. But if it works fine and you're reading this, then you can give credit to cool Beans. Some sewing talk (but not too much). Fun with Golf is GOOD, and we talk about Senior Pranks, and something know as digital indecent exposure Plus the usual Friday shenanigans

Fun With Golf Audio 05-26-2023

Things that sound dirty when taken out of context from golf broadcasts.

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-25-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: The Netherlands, Denmark, and wooden shoes; Tina Turner has passed away; Wilcox’s friends are taking a sewing class; Fortune Feinster and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new series drops today; Presidential Fitness Test horror stories; Starbucks is changing its ice; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-24-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Netflix changes; Gwyneth Paltrow’s gift guide; Biorè and influencer apologize for insensitive post; Outdoor pooping; Kraft Singles are changing; Woody Game Wednesday; Man goes to the bathroom at a bar and loses his arm; Barbie vs Oppenheimer; Ikea’s all-you-can-eat buffet returns for one day; And so much more!

Woody Game Wednesday 05-24-2023

They Are Celebrities, Of Course, But Before They Were Famous They Were in the Air Force!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-23-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Wilcox the drummer; Dad pays $21,000 for Taylor Swift tickets; Man gets job as a security guard to attend Taylor Swift concert; Triple A and the best time to travel during Memorial Day weekend; TSA’s Memorial Day weekend travel tips; Wal-Mart to provide tele-health for pets; Streets named after Pokemon characters; Couple discovers security installers watched their security videos; 2023 graduates can receive a free dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 05-22-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: A man breaks into Owen Wilson’s office and wears his pajamas; Asteroid the size of 18 walruses passed by Earth; Foo Fighters announce new drummer; Cool Beans’ anniversary: big turtle in yard; Cool Beans Remix; Target candle recall; Woman visits own heart at a museum; Angriest airports in the world; Eating bananas at night; Class action lawsuit against Door Dash; Man made to get naked by police after removal from New York Mets game; The new Michael J. Fox documentary; And so much more!